RSUI Group, Inc. (“RSUI”) is a leading underwriter of wholesale specialty insurance based in Atlanta, Georgia. RSUI works with insurance wholesalers to provide a wide range of insurance products, including: property, casualty, professional liability and directors and officers liability coverage. RSUI provides insurance to thousands of companies nationwide. With a long history of commitment to wholesale specialty insurance, RSUI is focused on service and underwriting integrity. By working with a select number of wholesale producers and reinsurers, RSUI is able to provide high levels of support and service--something critical to wholesalers’ success.

RSUI’s underwriting expertise allows it to maintain its commitment to providing the right protection for businesses, giving them the confidence to achieve success. Because underwriting decisions are made locally, RSUI is able to quickly respond to its customers’ needs.

RSUI was acquired by Alleghany in July 2003.